Officially founded in February 2011, TERRATEYA are crashing into this world with their unique style of Symphonic Metal!

The band quickly started intense work on their debut album, “Whispers Torn from a Raven’s Dream”, which was released in September 2011 to great critical acclaim.

What’s the secret behind TERRATEYA’s music? While the combination of symphonic music and Metal isn’t new, the band draws heavily from the formula of cinematic masterpieces. As explained by the band’s producer and guitarist, Michael Cirak:

“Our songs mirror the ingredients of great movies. Firstly, you’re having an exciting ride, a roller-coaster of emotions through an equally epic and intense scenery. And when you dig deeper, there are so many more levels to discover, musically and lyrically. Everything is held together by a profound and compelling storyline, told by instruments and vocals alike. This affinity to great cinematic experiences is why I decided to call our music ‘Filmphonic Metal’, as opposed to the usual term, ‘Symphonic Metal’.”

Fittingly, the band name is derived from the ancient Greek word ‘terateia‘, which translates into ‘stories of wonder and adventure‘.

The condition and fate of our planet and its beings is an important part of what drives TERRATEYA’s lyrical and musical themes. While many aspects are reflected in an often dramatic and bleak context, the band maintains a hopeful outlook by integrating future-oriented topics like Nonviolent Communication, Positive Psychology and the respect for all forms of life.

The inclusion of strong melodies, intricate orchestral arrangements, and meaningful lyrics, also makes sure the music is accessible to fans outside the Metal genre. This notion is supported by the demographics of their consistently growing fan base. Over a third of the fans are female, which is unusual for Metal. And while the bulk of the fans is in the age range of 18 to 34, TERRATEYA’s reach extends far beyond that, in both directions.